Following Divine Guidance: My Journey to Formulating Royalicious Products

Following Divine Guidance: My Journey to Formulating Royalicious Products

Dear Royalicious Family,

"I'm thrilled to take this moment to recount the remarkable journey that paved the way for the creation of Royalicious products, which have become beloved staples in my own skincare routine. It all began with a heartfelt prayer, a bold leap of faith, and an unwavering passion to bring about positive change in the skincare landscape. This journey wasn't just about crafting products; it was a transformative experience—a spiritual odyssey filled with moments of inspiration, revelation, and divine guidance.

As many of you may know, I struggled for years with dry, itchy, flaky and dehydrated skin. I searched high and low for products that would provide the relief and nourishment my skin desperately needed, Despite my persistent efforts, I found myself feeling frustrated and disheartened. In those moments of struggle, I turned to prayer, finding my anchor in Jesus, seeking guidance and clarity amidst the uncertainty. Each step of the way, I felt the guiding hand of God, leading me to new discoveries, igniting my creativity, and reinforcing my commitment to excellence. What started as a simple prayer blossomed into a mission—a mission to create products that not only nourish the skin but also uplift the spirit and instill a sense of confidence and empowerment.

It was during one of these moments of prayer that I felt a stirring in my heart—a gentle nudge from above urging me to take matters into my own hands and create my own skincare solutions. It was a daunting task, to say the least, but I trusted in God's plan and surrendered to His will.

God led me to pursue a degree in natural skincare formulation, guiding me every step of the way and opening doors I never imagined possible. My studies were not just about acquiring knowledge; they were a divine education—an opportunity to tap into God's wisdom and creativity and to learn from the ultimate master craftsman.

New (4320 x 2161 px) by Royalicious Skincare

Armed with this newfound knowledge and a deep sense of purpose, I set out on a journey of research, experimentation, and discovery. I spent countless hours in the lab, formulating and refining my creations, all the while seeking divine inspiration and guidance.

And through it all, I felt God's presence guiding me, inspiring me, and revealing His divine wisdom in every formulation. Each product was a gift from above—a testament to the power of prayer, perseverance, and divine inspiration.

And thus, Royalicious LLC was born—a brand rooted in faith, fueled by passion, and dedicated to delivering clean, effective, and luxurious products. Products that nourish the skin and uplift the soul. Each product is a labor of love—a testament to the power of prayer, perseverance, and divine inspiration. This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary,

Royalicious LLC was divinely named during a moment of prayer, where the name was revealed as a testament to God's goodness and grace. The term 'Royal' embodies the regal and elegant essence of our brand, emphasizing that every individual is royalty in the eyes of our Creator. 'Licious,' inspired by the biblical verse 'Taste and see that the Lord is good,' reflects the delightful and luxurious nature of our products, appealing to those with a taste for quality and excellence. It serves as a reminder to savor the goodness of life, knowing that the Lord's blessings abound in every aspect. With our motto 'Embrace Royalty, Radiate Beauty,' and the inclusion of 'LLC - Live Like Christ,' we are committed to embodying Christ's principles of love, compassion, and grace in all that we do.So here's to following the leading of Jesus, embracing the journey, and shining our light for all the world to see. May we continue to walk in faith, trusting in God's plan, and sharing His love with the world. 

Together, let's continue to celebrate the beauty of transformation and the power of Jesus"

With love and endless gratitude,

Founder, Royalicious



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