We Have Exciting News....

Hello Beautiful...

Whatever you do, don’t QUIT!! I was at the point of frustration that I was done, ready to give up. I packed up all my equipment and ingredients and was ready to walk away. I felt that I needed to sacrifice my plans for Gods.

Then God used my husband to speak a Word right into my spirit, he spoke to these dry bones and God pulled me out of my oppression

Just like when Abraham had to offer Isaac up as a sacrifice to God and at the Last second God made a way so Abraham wouldn’t have to give up Isaac. 

Royalicious was my Isaac and I laid it down at Jesus feet.

I had to unpack everything and put everything back in order and the next morning, I received a phone call that changed my life!!

Royalicious has now strategically partnered with Kevin Harrington from Shark Discoveries. He is the original Shark from Shark Tank and the inventor of the infomercial. 

When God gives you a promise, STAND ON IT!!

Don’t quit, just keep pushing, keep praying, keep listening to the voice of God, move when he says move and everything He has told you shall come to pass!! I am a living witness of Gods power, favor and glory! I didn’t knock on any doors, this opportunity dropped in my lap, they sought after me. God will put you in places and around people that we could never do on our own!!

All Glory Goes To Jesus!!