My Worth is not Found in a Bottle of Dye!!

Hello Beautiful,

Thank you for joining me on my journey of "Ditching the Dye." It has been about 6 months now that God showed me that I didn't need to "Fit in with Society, because I was made to stand out." My worth isn't found in a bottle of dye or the how the hair stylist can make me look. It is found in Jesus and him alone. Boy does Jesus have a way of proving his points when we don't really want to listen to him. I had an appointment all setup to sort of "kickstart" this going gray journey. LOL the KEY word was "I". I planned the appointment to have my hair completely bleached and dyed silver/gray so that I didn't have to wait. But guess what? The joke was on me...

Face it: If God doesn't want something for you, he will do what it takes to show you. I went to my appointment as scheduled. Let me insert in here that I drove all the way to Fishers to an amazing hair stylist that studied in New York, California, Florida, has over 20 years' experience and teaches for Redkin. This was not just your average run of the mill stylist you can find on every corner nowadays. She knows her stuff and she is compensated very well for her expertise. I sat down in her chair and told her that I wanted her to dye my hair to the natural color that was coming in. She said you are about 45% gray with silver highlights. I wouldn't do anything to your hair. She said that the highlights that I have naturally are hard to reproduce from a bottle and absolutely harsh and very damaging to the hair and the color that I have is absolutely stunning and that if she was me, she would just Rock what she had. She said I didn't need anything done but maybe a cut to get some of the dyed hair off. I was in SHOCK!!

I was shocked that a hair stylist that makes a living by coloring people's hair told me NO. Jesus lead me an hour away from my hometown to an expert that is more honest than I have seen in a long time. She actually wanted what was best for her client and not just the money. Sometimes the customer isn't always right. God knew exactly who to use at the right time and place. I am grateful that I met her, and that God used her the way he did. She cut quite a bit off and now the journey continues. It helps me know that this journey is for a reason and that God is going to use it to set other women free from the bondage of what the world says we need to do to feel beautiful and know that we are valued. Ladies take it from me, you don't find your worth in a beauty salon, you find your worth in Jesus. When we are healed from the pain of our past, our insecurities, anxieties and fears we will no longer feel the need to please others by how we look. We will only want to please the father, and him alone. He is where we find our worth and he is the best colorist you will ever have!!

Until Next Time...

Have a Fantabulous Day!!