Water Is Your Skins Best Friend

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The PURPOSE OF WATER IN SKINCARE…from the view of a formulator.

First of all I would like to start by busting the myth that water should not be used in skincare… Yes you read that right, it’s just a myth.

Water is very important when it comes to Skincare. It acts as a Universal Solvent to allow all the beautiful active ingredients to be dissolved in. There are a lot of ingredients that will only dissolve in water, they are what formulators call “hydrophilic” or water loving ingredients. 

Water aids in the formation of emulsions – in which oil and water are combined together to form creams body moisturizers and lotions. Emulsions produce lighter feeling and less greasy textured formulations than those that contain oil alone. More water equals a lighter textured product..

Water helps to replenish hydration in the skin when paired with humectants( water loving ingredients that draw more water to the skin) If you only use skincare that contains just butters and oils then over a period of use the skin will start to become drier then it was when you started using the products. I know it sounds crazy and I at one time thought that water was bad. But, I learned a lot in School where I was taught to formulate Natural Skincare. I also walked the path of extremely dry skin myself.

We have to have a mix of water, humectants, butter and oils in order to have plump, hydrated and moisturized skin. The cause of dry, dehydrated skin is loss of water called Trans Epidermal Water Loss.. water in skincare gives our skin a great big drink that it thirsts for, while the butters and oils help repair the dermal barrier of our skin so that the water cannot escape. Resulting in glowing, vibrant, radiant skin.

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