Collection: Opulent Lip Collection

Coming In 2022… 🗓

The Opulent Lip Collection!!




Who is ready to love your lips again?

The winter can be harsh on our lips from

The freezing temps to the cold winds

Our lips are left cracked, red and chapped

It is the most awful thing to deal with. 😠


Our NEW Opulent Lip Collection that we have been formulating behind the scenes is made especially for your dry chapped lips. Not only does it help restore moisture to the lips but it feels luxurious too. 🤩


Made with Cloudberry Oil.. ☁️


The natural conditioning agents of the Cloudberry are incredibly active and help in treating inflammation, soothe the skin surface and promote faster healing and recovery of damaged skin.


It will come in 3 shades and flavors


Nude w/ Brown Sugar flavor

Pink w/ Shirley Temple flavor

Light Pink w/ Pink Sunburst flavor


Watch for the announcement for when our collection drops by signing up at the link in our bio


Treat Yourself Like Royalty;

Because you ARE

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Mind, body and soul!! 💕✨🙌

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