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When Conventional Cosmetics Just Do Not Work?

Hi, I am Shantel, the Steward of Royalicious, God is the owner and this is my testimony how Royalicious was birthed.

 My skin was so dry that enough was enough. I naturally began to pray earnestly about my skin problems, why not? God is the one who gave me this skin. When I prayed God showed me that I needed to research the specific products that I was using. When I did the researchI found that the products had many harmful chemicals in them. The products were making my skin worse because of the ingredients in them. My skin was being more irritated and losing moisture instead of being properly nourished and hydrated. All of our products are Paraben, Sulfate, Retinol, Formaldehyde, Phenoxyethanol, and Phthalate FREE. These were all the damaging ingredients that were making my skin worse instead of better.

I then began researching how to make my own naturally clean products. I carefully started formulating my skincare by praying and listening for the answers to come from Jesus and as soon as I started using my them I saw instant results. I then started formulating more products, and it has been a long journey but my skin no longer keeps me up at night. All the Glory goes to Jesus and at Royalicious we have made it our divine mission to help Men and Women who are suffering as I was. There is hope, and we have the perfect products that will leave your skin feeling amazingly nourished and radiant. We make every effort to only use the finest clean ingredients in our Skincare and Supplements. As I continued my journey to healthier skin, God started revealing to me that my Skincare products would help to maintain the Skin Barrier but not get to the root of the issue. He showed me that I needed to start changing my diet, exercising and taking supplements in order to not just fight my dry skin and signs of again from the outside but He was showing me the secret to fighting it from the inside. Basically, giving my skin a punch in the gut with healthy food and supplements. I learned that a healthy gut means that I will have healthy skin and a healthy body.