Our Why

Not only are we helping those who are suffering from skin problems, but we have a ministry called House of Prayer Ministries that feeds and clothes the homeless and those in need through  WellSpring Marketplace our Non-profit Distribution Center. At Royalicious 20% of our sales go about helping reach the specific vision that God has given us for the homeless. For every purchase that you make you are contributing generously towards helping us to open the door of WellSpring Marketplace as a FREE distribution center to help those in need of clothing, food, furniture and household items as well as get the homeless off the street. We can clothe them and feed them, but it doesn't solve the issue of being homeless. God wants us to get to the root of the homeless problem and that is being homeless.

 If we come together as a community to help provide homes to those who are homeless, well then, we have solved their problem of being homeless. Instead of putting a band-aid on their situation, we help heal the situation they are in. We take on their burden, isn't that what Jesus would do?
We put together Royalicious gift bags with candles and skincare for our homeless friends as well. Everyone deserves to be pampered. We ask you partner with us in showing the love of Jesus through our actions and not just our words. Love is a verb, and without action, it is merely just words. We all should be Treated As Royalty: BECAUSE WE ARE Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.